Did I mention I’m also a procrastinator?

To be fair, it’s part procrastination and a little being swept away by the tide of “other things to do.” And it’s been busy… I didn’t even have to make up more important stuff to take care of than completing my final edit.

But it’s done… And tomorrow I’ll be handing over my completed work to 3 different friends for proof-reading. 

This is huge… this feels a little like stripping off and running naked down the street, not at night, but in the harsh light of day, whilst everyone’s out watering their lawns… people that I know, and will have to face again the following day. This is me saying… “Hey… so what if you find my bits wobbly (book crappy?) At least I’m finally being brave enough to show you what I’ve got… let it all hang out… so to speak… this is conquering my fear of failure on an epic scale… 

Next step… exposure of biographical details and shameless self promotion! Or perhaps just an attempt at self – definition? Let’s not get too carried away…


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