Did I mention I’m also a procrastinator?

To be fair, it’s part procrastination and a little being swept away by the tide of “other things to do.” And it’s been busy… I didn’t even have to make up more important stuff to take care of than completing my final edit.

But it’s done… And tomorrow I’ll be handing over my completed work to 3 different friends for proof-reading. 

This is huge… this feels a little like stripping off and running naked down the street, not at night, but in the harsh light of day, whilst everyone’s out watering their lawns… people that I know, and will have to face again the following day. This is me saying… “Hey… so what if you find my bits wobbly (book crappy?) At least I’m finally being brave enough to show you what I’ve got… let it all hang out… so to speak… this is conquering my fear of failure on an epic scale… 

Next step… exposure of biographical details and shameless self promotion! Or perhaps just an attempt at self – definition? Let’s not get too carried away…


An awkward intro to the Second Act…


So I knew I was in trouble when I stumbled at the first hurdle…. Biographical Info… WHO AM I? I don’t mean to be melodramatic…but seriously? Nomad (tick) mom (tick) wife (tick) scribbler (tick)… Wait… Should I put scribbler first? I’m writing this blog to redefine, reposition, re-launch myself and to shamelessly promote my book! I also need to learn to say that without blushing.
It’s been a while since I thought of myself as having an occupation other than Wife, Home-maker, (sorry I still choke on housewife) Mom and occasional Relocation Manager.
It’s been 7 months since our last cross-continental move, and it’s time! It’s taken a while to adjust… and I don’t mean to the new country, new life and new friends, all of which take time and effort but most significantly to the reality that my children need me less now than before. Not when they’re around of course, but they’re at school all day now and I suddenly have vast tracts of space which I need to fill… constructively.
Don’t get me wrong… there’s plenty to do here, but it’s occurred to me that after spending years at home with my babies, this is it…I have time to realize some personal goals.
In the interest of complete and honest disclosure, I’ll admit that far from flinging off the tethers of domesticity, I’m shedding them…slowly, reluctantly… possibly even with a little unseemly hanging on, kicking and screaming! I’ve loved being a stay-at-home-Mom with every fibre of my being and feel very grateful to have had that option.
Jase would submit to the tools of a medieval inquisitor rather than be referenced by name in a public forum, but if I can put aside the fear and call myself a writer (out loud), then he can cope with a mention. Thanks to him I had the choice to stay at home and be a full-time mommy.
I’m not ashamed to admit that the toughest part of adjusting to this most recent move was realizing that this “phase” in my life was coming to an end. It felt a little like facing a professional redundancy!
This is my official closure…I’m done lamenting the end of the Act 1…. this is the beginning of Act 2…
So bear with me whilst I work out my redefinition, and decide what or whom get’s top billing.
Watch this space!